military auto loans

Benefits of Military Auto Loans

Benefits of Military Auto Loans

Military personnel deserve respect and compassion. They fight for freedom. They fight to keep their country safe for its citizens. Many have sacrificed their lives and/or their health in this battle. Because of the sacrifices that military veterans have made for us it is important for everyone, including the government, to reward them for their time. These men and woman deserve to be treated with special care when it comes to things like debt and healthcare. Often, veterans receive the short end of the stick. But, in recent times it has become common for the government, healthcare institutions, and financial institutions to offer incentives to our veterans. These incentives come in the form of discounted healthcare services for all veterans and their families as well as special loan packages offered by banks and the like.

The soldier relief act car loan is one such incentive being offered nationwide. This loan is geared specifically to veterans to help them in their need for a reliable automobile. It offers many discounts in way of low interest rates, extended payment periods, and sometimes even loan forgiveness. Any military loan, including military auto loans, is meant to help our veterans in their quest to regain some semblance of a normal life once they have returned stateside.

The soldier relief act car loan is one of the newest military auto loans available to veterans today. It offers to them benefits such as low interest rates, low and extended monthly payments, as well as some loan forgiveness. A military loan such as this also has what is called a low credit score benchmark. Essentially this means that a military person can qualify for a loan such as this even if their credit score is lower than normally accepted. These loans are offered to active personnel as well as retired veterans but the terms and conditions may differ because depending on their status their situations will differ. Someone in the military who has qualified for a soldier relief act car loan or any other kind of military loan is offered a lot of leeway in their repayment options. Not only are they offered lower interest rates (as low as 6%) and smaller monthly payments they also have the option to postpone their payments.

Lenders who are offering military auto loans understand that military personnel often experience exigent circumstances that may interfere with their ability to make timely payments. Because of this they are somewhat lenient on the terms and conditions of the loan taking into consideration the reasons why someone may not be able to make their payment on time.

Such incentives are covered under the SSCRA (Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act). This act “provides an umbrella of protection” (American Forces Information Services) for active military personnel. This act states that various discounts and leniencies can be provided to an active military person.

Leniencies include lower rates on various financial loans, (i.e. mortgage payments, credit card payments, car loans) and so forth. This umbrella covers debts that were accrued before active service began and while most of them are automatically included, some of them, including the cap on interest, must be requested by the military person in writing. In most cases a business or financial institution must honor the request for leniency.

The most important provisions as per the act ensure that there are limits on the interest that is charged on debt of people in the military. As per the Act, the interest rate is limited to 6% annually as long as the individual is active in the military. The provision as specified in the Act covers all debt includes that which was incurred before joining the military services. And the active military personnel will be required to request it.

However, there are times when a business can take the matter in front of a court and ask for relief. This required well-documented proof on why the business is requesting it. Proof of active service on the military personnel’s part will need to be provided with the written request regarding leniency. This proof usually consists of the military ID but may also include a signed statement from a commanding officer or someone of that stature.

The leniencies offered under the SSCRA depend on the debt that is being considered and the status of the military person. All active military personnel have access to leniencies including military auto loans like this however their status and responsibilities can stipulate what type of help they qualify for. This act also covers the dependents of someone active in the military but again, there are certain stipulations surrounding what they are qualified to receive. Dependents include children or minors under the guardianship of the service member as well as elderly parents and/or spouse who is legally supported by the member.

Leniencies such as a no-eviction clause are offered to dependents of an active military service member. This means that a landlord cannot evict a dependent residing in the residence of a service member unless exigent circumstances and a court dictate that they have the legal backing to do so. These benefits offered to service members are meant to provide assurance while they are serving their country. It is because of the work that they do and the affect it has on their lives that the SSCRA takes into consideration these circumstances and offers help so that they can continue supporting themselves and their loved ones.

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